Although country music fans across America are just now getting their first taste of The Honky Tonk Kid, down here in Texas we've been two-stepping at Aaron Watson concerts for two decades.

To kick off 2019, and his 20th anniversary putting out music for us, Watson shared his plans for his next album, Red Bandana, and took a look back at the past two decades.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 20 years ago, I was broke and living in a closed down gas station. Today I have a wonderful home for my family and not a second goes by when I don’t realize how blessed I am by all of you. How crazy is this... An independent artist, no record deal, wrote a song on the back porch in West Texas and it won an award for one of the most played songs on all of Country Radio in 2018!!! God has blessed me with the best and most loyal fans in the world.

I know some consider me new or up and coming but 2019 actually marks the 20 year anniversary when I recorded my first album. In honor of that, for my fans, on June 21st I will release a new album called Red Bandana. 20 new songs that I wrote all by myself. It’s the best dang record I’ve ever made. We will be releasing new songs for you very soon. I’m so so excited about this upcoming year! I love you all! #puttingcowboybackincountrymusic#TexasMusic4ever #AWredbandana

This week he dropped the first single off the new project "Kiss That Girl Goodbye."

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