Flowers are nice; lunch out with the boss is nice too, but reducing your stress at work is even better.  According to Robyn Bentley, The Feng Shui Diva here are some steps you can take to reduce your stress at work the Feng Shui Way.

  • Sit with your back to the wall - If there is activity going on behind you , you won't be relaxed on the job.
  • Get out of the line of fire - Don't sit directly across from the entrance door.  If someone can toss a ball straight ahead and hit you in your chair, energy or "chi" flowing into the office will also hit you.
  • Reduce your exposure to EMFS - Electromagnetic Frequencies from computers and other electronic equipment lover your body's melatonin levels.
  • Always remember "You are not your job." - Work is just part of your life and it's important to remember that you have a life outside of your job.

Here is a video explaining office feng shui.


How many of these tips do you violate?  Are you in direct line of the front door?

We want to take away some of that stress by providing you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Scott's House of Flowers and a $25 gift card from Mutti's German Restaurant.  Remember, you have until midnight tonight to register to win our Administrative Professional Week Giveaway.  Here is the contest.

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