The next couple days will be extremely cold so its important to stay warm and to limit any work you have to do outdoors. The American Red Cross has released these 9 safety tips to help people stay warm.


  • 1

    Listen to Local News Outlets

    Your local news weather team will have all the updates on the cold winter weather system. In the event your home loses power they will be the first to know of any designated public shelters.

  • 2

    Travel Only When Necessary

    When roads are covered in snow and iced over it is strongly advised that you do not travel. If you must travel keep a disaster supply kit in your vehicle.

  • 3

    Wear Layers

    Wear layers of lightweight clothing to keep warm. Gloves and hats will also will also prevent loss of body heat. If you are shivering, go indoors for it is an important indicator that you are losing body heat.

  • 4

    Be Careful Working Outdoors

    Cold weather puts extra strain on your heart. Consider your physical condition, weather and nature of the task if you have any outdoor chores.

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  • 5

    Check On Neighbors

    Especially elderly living alone, people with disabilities and children

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  • 6

    Watch For Hypothermia

    Confusion, dizziness, exhaustion and severe shivering are symptoms of Hypothermia. If experiencing any of these while outdoors seek out medical attention immediately.

  • 7

    Prevent Frostbite

    Frostbite is caused to largely exposed skin to cold conditions. This medical condition is also most likely to happen to areas furthest away from the heart. Symptoms include numbness, flushed gray, white, blue or yellow skin discoloration, numbness, or waxy feeling skin.

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  • 8

    Bring Pets Indoors

    Do not leave your pets outdoors. If you cannot allow your pets in the home, make sure they have access to a shelter that will keep them warm where they have access to unfrozen water.

  • 9

    Let Your Faucets Drip

    Run water, even at a trickle to prevent your pipes from freezing. Opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets will allow the warm air in your home to circulate around the plumbing. Move all household cleaners and chemicals out of reach from children.