Weekend Update will be returning ahead of SNL this summer, but leave it to Seth Meyers to one-up them. One of SNL’s best pairs reunites for another round of “Really!?!,” as Amy Poehler drops by Late Night With Seth Meyers to take on the Julius Caesar protest.

Former Parks and Recreation and upcoming The House star Poehler rejoined her old Weekend Update co-host for one of their recurring bits; this time taking a look at the rash of theatre protests. The most notable outcry has been directed toward New York’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, featuring a title character that resembles Trump, and gets … well, you probably know.

As Poehler points out, there’s a special brand of insanity to waiting in line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets with the intent of disrupting the show. I’ve worked at the Public and been to San Diego Comic-Con, so trust me – those determined folk make Hall H look like open-mic night.

Seth and Amy also raise a good point about both sides needing to respect one another’s free speech, even in extreme cases, so watch the full clip from Wednesday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers above.

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