We thought it down to the wire when word broke before the SNL finale that Vanessa Bayer would join Bobby Moynihan in leaving after Season 42, but it seems another departure went entirely without notice. Reports confirm Sasheer Zamata also took her final bow with this past Saturday’s finale, joining at least two others.

Reports of Zamata’s exit emerged quickly after the SNL finale, particularly as social media posts observed the star getting a celebratory sendoff from the cast, in the same manner as Bayer and Moynihan (h/t Vanity Fair). SNL reps had no comment, but ET Online apparently confirmed that Zamata will not return for Season 43 this fall.

Reports have also suggested that head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider will be leaving SNL behind (the pair have a project in development at Comedy Central for the fall), though as we saw with Zamata and Bayer, SNL doesn’t necessarily publicize turnover unless the talent in question chooses to. Zamata’s exit is also particularly notable, as both she and star Leslie Jones famously emerged from the public call for SNL to diversify its cast with performers of color.

We’ll see what other departures and additions emerge over the summer, but can SNL keep its current momentum going with such heavy losses as Moynihan, Bayer and Zamata?

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