Apache Oklahoma is a small town located just north of Lawton/Fort Sill and swells every April for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival.

Well, Apache is so much more.  Starting the first Saturday in May, and each month moving forward, downtown Apache will come alive with Cars!  Lots and lots of cars will be on display from 8am until Noon with Coffee and Cars!  There will be free donuts, a 20 foot tall bounce house free for the kids and food trucks including this month's The s'Blended Coffee Trailer, The Fresh Shave Snow Cone Trailer, Backroads Ale House Breakfast, and Rascal Flats Farmers Market & Home Goods.

Dakota Woods is the chairman for Coffee & Cars and says,

Apache is so much more than Rattlesnakes!  It's a wonderful community full of community minded people who want to see this town grow and thrive.  That's why we want to invite more people to see exactly what Apache Oklahoma is all about.

There is no registration needed, or a registration fee.  Just bring out your hot cars, trucks, motorcycles, side by sides, and show them off for the public to see!  There will be shopping open as well.

Copy of Car Sale Discount Flyer (3)

This event will continue each month May thru September from 8am-Noon on the 100/200 block of Evans (Main) Street in downtown Apache.  This will be a great experience to visit with neighbors and enjoy the Farmers Market that will be open during the event.  The weather looks like it's going to cooperate this weekend too.  Take a short drive north of Lawton Fort Sill and enjoy the inaugural Apache All Invitational Coffee and Cars, Saturday, May 1st!

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