I know that I give Clay a hard time about his texting prowess but it's all in fun. Autocorrect has made for some great online fodder on Facebook and Twitter. You have to laugh at some of the text messages you read that have been accidentally autocorrected.  I suffered the wrath of autocorrect on Saturday when I posted that I was sitting in the parade reviewing stand with Mayor FRITZ (autocorrected from FITCH), sorry Mayor. Well, now AutoGrammar is just around the corner. 

I have no business correcting anyone's grammar but there are a few things that drive me crazy like "sorry for your lost" instead of "loss"; "your a mess"  instead of "you're", "there dog" instead of "their", "to" instead of "too". I could go on and on, but soon you'll be saved by AutoGrammar!

The developers over at Nuance — the company that invented T9 (the predictive text used on dumbphones which guesses, for instance, whether you wanted D, E, or F when you press the 3) and now provides predictive typing software for most of the major phone makers other than Apple — are working on just such a technology. It's called "future context" and it will look at an entire sentence, or a sentence fragment, and if it thinks that, say, an "its" should be an "it's," a little underline will show up, prompting the texter to change it.

Read the entire story on Atlantic Wire.

What grammatical errors drive you crazy?

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