Americans apparently like their food “to go.” According to a survey by CouponCodes4u, the average person in the U.S. spends more than $900 a year on take-out food. 

Researchers polled 2,503 U.S. adults, asking how often they order take-out and how much they spend on it. All respondents had eaten take-out within the week of taking part in the survey.

Additional findings: Fifty-seven percent of those polled said they prefer take-out food to a home-cooked meal, and of that number, a third claimed they did not have time to cook from scratch.

Twenty-three percent admitted they did not know how to cook and 23 percent said they had no interest in cooking.

Nine percent of respondents admitted to getting food delivered every day.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents order take-out once a week, and 45 percent admit to doing so every two weeks.

Of the respondents who admitted they preferred take-out food to home-cooked meals, 72 percent admitted they were overweight.

Have you found yourself in a slump where all you want to do is eat out? Do you have one favorite fast food place that you will go every time?