'Last Man Club' opens Friday, May 27th at the Carmike Patriot 13 in Lawton.

This movie, produced by Lawton's own Linda Benefield Pandolph, is a heartwarming film for the ages, dealing with themes we are all familiar with; Alzheimer's Disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aging parents, addiction, and much more.

Last Man Club has been awarded highest honors at the recent Houston Worldfest, one of the longest running independent film festivals in the nation.  Awards include, Best Film, Best Director - Bo Brinkman, Best Supporting Actress - Kate French, Best Supporting Actor - William Morgan Shepard, and Best Young Actor - Blaze Tucker.  Plus, it was recognized by the Houston Film Critics Association as the Best Film of the Festival.

Executive Producer, Linda Pandolph joined the morning crew to talk about how important it is for people to see this movie.

Showtimes have been posted for this weekend:

Jeri Anderson

To quote a friend of mine, 'This is what Memorial Day is all about'.  I hope you will see this film while it's here!