When it gets colder, you can smell the wood fires burning in houses all over town.  You snuggle in your favorite sweater or under a warm blanket while sipping hot cocoa.  It's an image we all have -- but it's not reality for many families in Southwest OK.

The Salvation Army is looking for donations of portable heaters to keep people warm this winter.  Last year, they were able to pass out heaters to 40 families in need.  This year, they hope for more.

In some cases, the elderly don't have the money to fix a broken heater.  In some cases, the family can't afford to heat the whole home, so they use a heater to keep the kids warm.  In some cases -- it can make all the difference.

No one can do everything.  Everyone can do something.  This is a something YOU can do, too.  If you'd like to donate a new portable heater, stop by the Salvation Army on E Avenue from 10:00AM - Noon and then from 1:00PM - 3:00PM Monday through Saturday.