We are all pinching our pennies and watching our budgets so we put together this list of great restaurants right here in Lawton that you can affordable eat at.  The only rule was, no national chains.   Here they are (in no particular order).

For those that like Italian food - Luigi's Italian Restaurant.  A nice place for lunch or dinner and their homemade dinner rolls are "to die for".

There is even a Luigi's Express if you want gyro's, pizza or pasta!  I like to order the Luigi's Special pizza and take it home with me.  When I pick it up I also have them give me one order of gyro's meat and cook it in the morning with eggs and shredded hash browns!  It's really good.  You should try it!

If you're hungry for Mexican food, El Chico's in Central Mall is a good place to eat for lunch or dinner.  You HAVE to try their Strawberry Nachos and if you're old enough the Cinco Margaritta is my fav!

We have a lot of Chinese restaurants but if you want a cheap lunch (around $6) and get enough food for two meals.  Try Hot Wok on Lee Blvd.

Burgess Grill always comes in as one of the top places in Lawton for a burger.  It's also a great place to eat on a budget.  You have to try their onion rings and a chocolate shake along with one of their delicious burgers!

Another great place for a hamburger, fries and the best sweet tea in town is Wayne's Drive In.  Did you know that General Tommy Franks took his lovely wife Kathy there on one of their first dates?  There is a lot of history at Waynes Drive In.  Now they have two locations in Lawton.  Sheridan Road and Old Cache Road.

And for all you sports fans that need to watch anything sports related while you're eating your lunch, how about Mike's Sports Grill!

So, there you have it!  Several great places to eat in Lawton and there are a bunch more!

Where is your favorite place to eat on a budget in Lawton?