Blake Shelton gets to drive Elvis Presley's old truck during an upcoming TV appearance, and even he can't quite believe it.

The country superstar appears on Jay Leno's Garage on Wednesday (May 20), where Leno lets him drive a 1967 GMC truck while the comedian and former host of the Tonight Show rides shotgun. As People reports, Shelton is unaware of the vehicle's history until Leno drops the news on him, saying, "This is Elvis' truck, we had it shipped out here for you to drive. I wanted you to get the feel of it."

"You're kidding me," Shelton says, adding, "I love that."

"He did drive a truck," Leno tells the "Nobody But You" singer. "He had a lot of vehicles. So you are sitting where the King sat."

"That is literally unbelievable," Shelton responds, admitting that the news makes him nervous. "I never would've dreamed that Elvis Presley even owned a truck."

As Leno rattles off some of the rock and roll pioneer's other vehicles that he's had the chance to drive over the years, he and Shelton come to a red light, which the comedian encourages the country star to drive right through. Shelton does exactly that, prompting Leno to say, "You see, when you're driving Elvis' truck, you can go through red lights. That's one of the superpowers you get."

Jay Leno's Garage launches the second half of its fifth season on Wednesday at 10PM ET on CNBC.

Shelton and longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani have been in quarantine with her family at Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma during the coronavirus pandemic, and they've made several from-home TV appearances to perform their current duet hit, "Nobody But You,." Shelton has also made a change to his appearance during his time at home. The singer revealed that he and Stefani had decided he should grow his mullet back in March, as the U.S. was in the early stages of social distancing.

"I am growing the mullet back as a symbol of hope or some s--t like that," he posted to Twitter on March 17. "Anyway it's coming back! For real. Stay tuned."

Shelton posted the first pictures of his new mullet on March 26.

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