A historic home once owned by legendary country musician Bob Wills is being threatened by a proposed land development in Fresno, Calif.

According to local news station KFSN, Wills -- who is known as the King of Western Swing -- settled in Fresno in 1945 in a house he called the Triple B Ranch. The structure is now crumbling, and Granville Homes in Fresno wants to build 200 houses on the site. Local historians have swung into action to try to prevent the proposed building project from going forward.

"This was his house. He called this home," says Pat Deluca of the California Old Time Fiddlers Association. "His daughter Carolyn was born here. He delivered her. This really is an important historical place. It deserves to be around for posterity."

Don Simmons, chairman of a Fresno city agency dedicated to historical preservation, adamantly agrees. "The Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously that this is historic, no matter what the council says or Granville says," he states.

Granville Homes Vice President Jeff Roberts tells KFSN that unless someone buys the house and moves it, it will be torn down to make way for the new project. Simmons says that won't happen without a fight.

"I would see this ending up in court, definitely," Simmons vows. "It deserves to end up in court. Developers shouldn't have this much sway over the preservation community."

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