The similarities between comic books --- especially superhero comic books --- and professional wrestling are nearly endless. Everyone loves to see larger-than-life heroes and villains battle in contests of good versus evil, often with a lofty prize at stake for the victor. However, comic books about wrestling have always been a somewhat tricky proportion, especially licensed ones that are expected to feature the adventures of real life wrestlers that you see on TV.

Undeterred, Boom Studios has partnered with WWE to produce new wrestling comics based on their characters and storylines, and knowing their pedigree and success rate with licensed comic books, there's every chance they'll be the ones to pull it off.

Announced today via Hero Complex, the exact details of the deal are yet to be revealed and all we know so far is that Boom now has the license, which was previously at Papercutz. The previous series WWE Superstars was co-written by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, and cast the superstars of the WWE in a strange noir thriller where everyone settled their problems through wrestling.

As tricky as comic books about wrestling can be to pull off, we're living in a golden age of the genre with books like The Legend of Ricky Thunder, Super Pro KO and Ringside showing the breadth and variety of stories you can tell with professional wrestling as a jumping off point. That zeitgeist coupled with Boom's attention to detail when it comes to licensed properties could lead to a winning combination.


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