Brantley Gilbert admits he still hears the devil's whisper, but he takes particular joy in backing him down. During Part 2 of this three-part video series exploring the stories behind Gilbert's new The Devil Don't Sleep album, the singer talks about temptation and how he overcame and overcomes.

He may have matured, but the tattooed country-rocker would take exception to the idea that he's softened. Need proof? Get him talking about how to treat a woman, or more specifically about guys who put their hands on a woman. A new song called "Bullet in a Bonfire" broaches the topic. Even as he talks about it, the rocker's muscles tighten and a fire familiar to fans who've watched up close begins to burn bright beneath his dark ball cap.

I have to be careful with the whole sobriety, because in the recovery community, you know ... I'm a Willie Nelson fan and that's kind of looked down upon at times.

"I've never really been scared of a fight," Gilbert says, now talking about his addiction to opiates and alcohol, "so for me, it's kind of good to have something I can beat every day."

Five years ago he put down the bottle for good, and it's difficult to say the results have been anything but positive. He's one of very few legit country headliners. He's notched Platinum albums and singles and married the love of his life. Strangely it was Amber leaving him years ago that put all this in motion.

"You hear your whole life people say the people that love you and care about you the most will stay with you through anything and be with you for anything," Gilbert says. "I found in my case that that wasn't necessarily true. Amber, my wife, was one of those people along with Eli, one of my best friends in the world — I didn't get to see my God kids for awhile."

The absence of certain people — or a reminder of their absence — keeps him on a straight path, and he's not just talking about his addiction. The title track of his newly released fourth studio album includes these lyrics:

The Valory Music Co.
The Valory Music Co.

"He’s in your ear, he’s whisperin’ / Lyin’ again, and again, and again  / You tell yourself he’ll leave you alone / You turn your back, and brother man, it’s on."

"There's temptation everywhere," Gilbert says. "If it is something goes wrong or I have a hard day or something, I'm a grown man. I'm over 21 years old. It's really easy to go to the store to do that. But I get to win that battle every day."

Part 1 of this Unfiltered interview series focuses on Gilbert's past, and this video concentrates on his present. Every album is a chapter in the Georgia native's life, and while the last two years have been a positive chapter, there are dark stories still to tell. On The Devil Don't Sleep, he gives them the room they deserve.

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