Driving back and forth from work every day has become so routine. I can look at a certain point on the road and tell you how long it will be before I get home or to an appointment. You get the jest. But driving home yesterday had a different feel about it. Something I hadn't heard before. It was like the road was calling out to me. Turning down the radio, I let the road talk to me. 

I came to a realization that I haven't completed everything on my bucket list. Yeah, we all have them. Wheather you want to admit it or not. I went through many different scenarios with my list. What to do first, what to save for last. How to accomplish each one. I'll cross that bridge when the time is right.

Lisa and I have talked on many occasions about our lists. In fact, over dinner last night, we once again discussed what was on our respective lists. Naturally traveling came up. We both want to go to Hawaii and New York City. She wants to go to Spain and Alaska. Los Angeles rounds out my traveling itinerary.

Adventure has always been at the top of the list. White water rafting is hers while I would love to jump out of an airplane in a tandem. I also would like to take one of those test flights to achieve weightlessness.

There are also some things that some people including myself have no desire to share with anyone else. They will be quietly checked off if they ever happen. I sometime wonder if they should just be marked off and move on.  You see, the road can tell you things that sound good but in reality it usually winds up a dream. What starts off as a 5 gallon bucket may wind up as a small sand pail in comparison.

How long is your bucket list? What is the one most exotic or challenging thing on the list?

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