The sounds of roller coasters ascending and then descending. The unmistakable smell of amusement park food. People everywhere. More than likely you have had at least one or maybe two opportunities to go to an amusement park in your life. Weather It was and older classic one like Coney Island in New York or maybe Kennywood in West Mifflin (suburb of Pittsburgh, PA) or maybe Disneyland or Disney World. Then there is my favorite Six Flags over Texas.

I have been to this amusement park at least 25 times in my life. The first time was in 1968 when the park was still rather young. The most recent visit was this past weekend. There have been many changes to the park in 52 years. Yes, things move forward. There were times when we visited the park that we would get the map and just go from country to country to absorb the atmosphere each provided. This trip we had a plan that would be almost complete had one coaster been open.

We arrived at the park ready for action as soon as the gates opened up. But instead of heading to the coasters, we went to the Texas Sky Screamer. This newest attraction to the Six Flags family was just recently certified as the  "world's tallest swing carousel ride" by Guinness World Records.  You can see first hand my adventure on this ride.

After we finished this amazing fly through the air we bolted off to the Judge Roy Scream, a classic wooden roller coaster that has been around for 33 years, but just as fun as it was the first time I rode when it was new in 1980. Due to the early arrival, we got to ride back to back on this ride. A feat that is uncommon in this day and age.

Over to Gotham City where we go in the line for Batman. Here is where we started the long line syndrome. But it went by quicker than I thought it would. At 1 hour, it was the longest waiting period of the day.

After a short lunch break we headed to the Texas side of the park and chose as the next challenge, the Titan, 25 stories of steel a that will take your breath away upon the first drop. Only a 50 minute wait to ride. When we got back down to earth, it was time to just ease around for a bit. So why not get on the El Aserradero - the first log flume ride opening in 1963. It became so popular with guests, they opened a second flume ride in 1968 to accommodate the crowds. 10 minute wait time here.

Next was the New Texas Giant. This coaster was originally wooden, but was refurbished o steel tubing just a little over three years ago. This was in the top three for the day for me. The wait time was just a mere 50 minuets. Just a short walk over to France/Old South section, we arrived at Runaway Mountain. This one tied for time with Batman. It was a interesting wait in line. The people in front came up with an interesting way to pass the time. A game with letters. First it was celebrities then movies then foreign cities. I smoked them all on this one thanks to my Naval career.

Took the Six Flag Train over to Boomtown to catch the Pandemonium. Interesting ride that spins as you are going up and down and around. Very easy to get disoriented if you are not careful. After all of this walking across 212 acres of fun in the sun, we decided to catch a quick dinner break before hitting the remaining coasters.

Sun was setting and it was time to get to the Tower Section for Superman Tower of Power. 10 years into the run at Six Flags, it is one that all ages enjoy. I am not sure which I enjoyed more - the straight shot up or the free fall - both were just as fun. Only 45 minutes to enjoy this one. Unfortunately, next on the list was The Shockwave. It's broken down and more than likely will be closed for the remainder of the season.

So we make a decision with time against us (park closes at 10 p.m.) to get in line for Mr. Freeze. The wait time was right at 35 minutes for a ride that I must confess - intimidated me. Why you ask? Well it went backwards and I could not see where I was going. And it was dark on top of that. But for the 48 seconds I was on it I somewhat enjoyed it.

Time to head out. 8 roller coasters and a couple of other rides under the belt. But wait! There was one more ride that caught our attention. Aquaman Splashdown. Perfect super soaking wet way to end the day.

Throughout the summer months, we will have, from time to time, an opportunity to give away tickets to Six Flags. If you win, make sure you take advantage of everything you can in the park. Look ahead online and map out what you want to do. This will help you out tremendously.

Been to Six Flags? What is your favorite ride / attraction?

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