If you want to Six Flags Over Texas way back in the day, do you remember the Speelunkers?

Six Flags Over Texas opened back in 1961 over in Arlington. For decades, the park has been a go to summertime destination for North Texans. If you were going to Six Flags Over Texas way back in the day, you may remember something called "The Cave"

From 1964 to 1991, The Cave was a fan favorite for families. One because everyone can ride this thing. Two, it was hands down the coolest ride in the park. Indoor water ride with plenty of air conditioning blasting. Trust me, any air conditioning opportunities at Six Flags Over Texas are gratefully appreciated.

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After almost three decades of entertaining families, the ride was in need of an upgrade. For the 1992 season, The Cave was transformed into Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure. I legitimately loved this ride. Honestly, it was my favorite ride at the park. I never went to Six Flags Over Texas without riding it.

Sadly in 2018, flash floods hit the park and reports say Yosemite Sam's ride was hit the hardest. Basically everything would have to be replaced due to eight feet of water that came into the ride area. For years, I have been waiting for an update to this ride and it looks like the folks at Six Flags are going for the old school nostalgia.

Opening tomorrow, Pirates of the Speelunker Cave for season pass holders. General public can try it out starting on Saturday. The Speelunker characters back in the day were made specifically for Six Flags Over Texas, so no other park has anything like this. A six passenger boat will take guests right in the middle of a pirate adventure with the Speelunkers.

This new ride will be a massive upgrade from the one that closed in 1991. As much as I am going to miss Yosemite Sam and the Looney Tunes crew, I am just glad the air conditioning is back on at Six Flags for those hot summer days.

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