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Jack Frost might be waiting just outside your door, but you can still embrace the icy tundra and enjoy the beauty of nature this winter season, just as long as you bring the right camping gear. For those of you looking to experience everything the cold wilderness has to offer this year, here's a list of some of the best cold-weather sleeping bags to bring the heat and banish the freeze.





The Slumberjack is the perfect combination of elemental protection and affordability, coming in at well under a hundred dollars. With its ‘mummy’ design, flip-over hood and polyester taffeta lining, this bag should keep you comfy and warm down to 0°F.


Snow Leopard,


If you plan on doing a lot of cold weather hiking, and need to save some room in your backpack for all of your gear, the North Face Snow Leopard should do the trick. It’s rated down to temperatures of 0°F, and comes in a variety of lengths and sizes, to fit your particular body type.


Montbell UL,

UL Spiral Down Hugger 0°F Degree Sleeping Bag



As the name would suggest, these 'hugger' sleeping bags are known for their snug fit. The elastic stitching and stretchy fabric make the bags warm and comfortable, without being constricting. If you’d like to save a little money and aren’t planning on staying out in extreme cold weather, you can always opt for a ‘hugger’ that’s rated for slightly warmer conditions.


Mountain Hardwear,


This synthetic bag is for those of you who plan on sleeping in some very cold climates. The Thermic Micro fill makes the bag very compressible, while the water wicking outer lining will let you sleep outside in harsh conditions, even without a tent. The bag is fairly heavy when stuffed, but you’ll be glad for the extra warmth it provides when unfurled.


Marmot Col,


Plan on camping in the snow or on the face of a glacier? For those of you who love the freezing conditions of winter, the Marmot Col EQ will keep you toasty, warm and most importantly, dry. Of course, you'll have to pay a little extra for such luxury in the wild.


The North Face,


Now it’s time for an incredibly serious bag. The Inferno is rated down to temperatures of -40°F, and stuffed with 800+ fill goose down. It just doesn’t get any warmer than that. If you plan on conquering a peak like Mt. Everest, take this exceedingly sturdy sleeping bag with you. And for those of you who are perpetually cold no matter the weather conditions, your problem has just been solved.


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