Growing up I looked forward to my morning breakfast. Normally it was Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran. But there was the fun occasion that we were offered Cap'n Crunch. The Internet is has of late been really good at ruining our childhood memories, and this is no exception. The latest revelation? CAP'N CRUNCH isn't really a captain. What?

Someone noticed that the Cap'n only has three stripes on his sleeves, not four. Three stripes on the sleeve mean you're a COMMANDER in the U.S. Navy, not a captain. Four stripes mean you're a captain.

There's some speculation that he was modeled after a French naval captain,. which is called a capitaine de frégate -  who would only have three stripes. But why would Cap'n Crunch be French? Makes no sense, man.

Now to weigh in with my sailor expertise - as a Commander, and you have the Command At Sea designation, you can be the Commanding Officer of a smaller ship and be called Captain. I think this is truly what is going on here. have you seen the size of the wooden ship he is on?

So what is next - Telling us that the leprechaun from Lucky Charms is not Irish?