It's the Masquerade Ball Lets See Those Masks
We've seen some great face masks when out and about in around Lawton, Fort Sill and we want to see yours, be a part of the "Masquerade Ball." We're collecting up pictures of all the best and most creative face masks around town and there's a lot of them.
Mandatory Quarantine: Day Two
You know, it's gotten a lot cooler the last couple of nights than it had throughout the end of April. I don't keep an eye on the weather, but as I broke down and turned on my air conditioner a week ago, I've woken up cold the last two days. It's not freezing in my humble abode, b…
Should Wearing a Face Mask be Mandatory?
To wear a face mask or not to wear a face mask, that is the question. More specifically should it be mandatory? For me personally I haven't made a habit of it, however I do keep a face mask and bandana handy and with me at all times, just in case. I have put it on but it really depends on what …

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