Charlie Berry offers up an observational slice of life in his new song. The singer-songwriter says there's "Something About Airports" that can teach us about the inner workings of our fellow human beings in an exclusive song that's premiering via Taste of Country.

The gentle, lilting acoustic guitar-based song finds Berry looking around an airport and actually taking notice of the other people and situations swirling around him.

"Something About Airports" is a "song about finding beauty in ordinary places," Berry tells Taste of Country. It's a situation where "you’ve got all these stories crossing and tangling," as documented in the song, and they "cross and tangle without ever touching somehow."

"There's something about airports / 'Cause I've been left and I've done the leaving / I know 30,000-foot lonely and the coming home feeling / It's newlywed tans, big city plans / And jersey-wearing football fans / It's ticket stubs and coffee cups and passports / There's something about airports," he sings in the chorus.

Berry has certainly spent his share of time in airports. As a veteran of the trio Mockingbird Sun, he had ten years of extensive touring under his belt when the group came to an end in 2016. The Texas native opted to remain in Nashville, where he's been working over the past few years to develop new skills as a producer.

Berry wrote "Something About Airports" in his home studio with Claire Douglas, and he demoed it in the same space just weeks later. He says they "worked hard at every lyric," and he's proud of the finished track, which he hopes has a universal quality.

"In an airport, almost everyone is trying to get to the next place as quickly as possible and doing their best to just kill time. It’s an in-between kind of place," he explains. "It’s not the beginning or the end and, to me, that’s life. Some people are going to a long-overdue family reunion. Some are going to a funeral. Some are going to spring break. Some are leaving town and starting over. That’s why I wanted to write this song. Experiences that we tend to ignore are somehow the most human. It’s the kind of thing I live for as a songwriter and artist. It felt like a fresh way to paint the same old story. That we all do a hell of a lot of running around but at the end of the day we just want to go somewhere that feels like home."

For more information about Charlie Berry, visit his official website, or keep up with him via Facebook and Instagram.

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