They are integral large parts of the thriving Lubbock music scene, and two great artists and friends. If you didn't know William Clark Green and Charlie Stout collaborated on Green's '15 hit "Old Fashioned." It was a co-write.

When Green debuted the song on Radio Texas, LIVE! two years ago he told us, "This is one of my favorites on the album." Radio listeners agreed as it went on to be a No. 1 single here in Texas.

But it's always cool to hear other collaborator's takes on songs you know, and late last week we got to hear Stout's new take on "Old Fashioned"... Well different take, as it's been around just as long. It's just new to us.

In true Stout fashion his version is more subdued, more broke down -- folky even. It has a pinch of that Bruce Robison style in there, and we dig it.

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