I know that it's not like me to complain about the City of Lawton's Water Department, but this weekend their Bill Payment Portal will be down for maintenance. Yes, it's getting ridiculous!  How many more times will this system have issues?  And why would you take it down on a payday weekend?

attachment-Utility Portal Disruption 071422-page-001

My Momma brain goes back to the questions that have been bugging me since the very first announcement of the new billing system.  Like why do we need a new shiny system when you are going to send us back to the old standby City of Lawton Website to make the payment anyway.  Why are we paying for two steps, two landing pages, and a system that is definitely not working?

Did I tell you that this week alone, I got my notice for my current water bill, and I also received a notice for my March 2022 bill with a zero balance, and notice for my April 2022 bill, also with a zero balance?  Now, I should probably be proud of the fact that I'm getting statements at all, considering that I have tried for nearly 6 months to get my address changed at the water department. But, I think this is a little overkill, don't you?

I guess these are the bugs that they will be addressing as the system undergoes maintenance this weekend.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

I'd also like for you to notice the increase in my water bills over the past few months. What you don't know is that of these bills, the water cost is just 40 bucks or so!  I get trash pick up too, but goodness gracious, these increases cannot continue.  I'll have to skip showers, and nobody wants that.  Especially my coworkers!  Let's get this double lame system worked out!  We are paying dearly for it after all. And while you're at it, can you find another way to pay for things that don't include our water bill?

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