This morning I stopped to get gas and as I was pulling in my neighborhood gas station I notice the price of gas has gone up since last week. I wasn’t surprise by the gas prices going up, for the past 10 years I have seen the gas trend again and again. At first I was surprised, sure it’s just a seasonal thing, then maybe I am driving too much, I tried to cut on that, and it when on for a bit.

But by now we have to admit the gas prices are not going down any time soon, no matter how fuel efficient the car is, or how little you drive, gas will reach $4 by this summer as predicted by experts.

It is not just the cost of fuel in the tank.  Cost of goods will go up as well.  Food, clothing, toys, almost everything that gets moved by truck we are going to see an increase that will make our wallets even lighter.

The price for an oil barrel has reached $106, and with the unstable regions in the Middle East, the picture will continue to look even grimmer. Across the nation, people are voicing their concerns, and since this is an election year, we will hear presidential candidates give their spins on possible gas resolutions.

In a recent interview for FOX, Newt Gingrich said: “The president is anti-American energy.” On the other hand President Obama has rolled out several plans to explore new avenues for alternative energy sources. So lets brace ourselves, 2012 is an important year in many aspects, so here we hope the folks in Washington here our cry that gas is too expensive and we need to find better ways to deal with this crisis!

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