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Toys May be in Short Supply This Holiday Season
Santa may be running a little behind this year. As we approach the 2021 holiday season there's a real concern about a possible toy shortage across the U.S. due to all the supply chain delays, disruptions, and backlog.
Oklahoma to Defy Federal Vaccine Mandates
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and state legislators wasted no time firing back at President Biden's new Federal vaccine mandate. The new Federal mandate was announced yesterday (09-09-21) and will affect around 80 million plus Americans.
Self Defense Lessons Learned from the Arvada, CO. Shooting
Last Monday (06-21-21) in Arvada, Colorado a tragedy took place. There was a murder, more like execution, of a police officer by a complete psycho hell bent on murdering as many cops as he could, along with anyone else who happened to be in the area. The shooting took place in Olde Town, Arvada at a…
Oklahoma Ranks the Worst in the Nation for Senior Healthcare
A new study was conducted by Healthcare Inc. and has ranked Oklahoma as the worst state in the Nation for senior healthcare. The report lists the states from best to worst and uses factors like medical costs, doctors per capita, prescription costs, life expectancy, retirement facilities and other se…

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