While on set in Oklahoma, the "Twisters" cast endured real and simulated Oklahoma thunderstorms. From chasing storms with actual storm chasers to being thrown in front of jet engine, the cast endured some of the most intense physical demands they had ever endured while working on a film.

Leading up to the "Twisters" release on July 19, the cast has done multiple interviews about working on the film. When asked about what it was like working in Oklahoma, the cast has pointed to working with real life storm chasers.

And when asked about how the tornadoes came to be in the film, the cast refers back to being hit with the winds of a jet engine.

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Recently, the official "Twisters" Instagram account released a video showing clips from behind the scenes of filming in Oklahoma. Director Lee Isaac Chung starts off the video by saying, "These tornadoes are more realistic than any tornadoes than anyone has ever seen on film." In previous interviews, Chung has revealed that real tornado footage was used for the film from professional storm chasers.

Since the characters are meant to be up close with tornadoes, the cast experienced intense simulations to replicate what being near a tornado would be like. In the video, cast member Glen Powell says, "The magic trick of this movie is the blurred lines between visual and practical effects."

You then see the cast being blasted by a jet engine. Running away from a rogue trolly and blowing debris in El Reno. Having dirt and debris blown in their face by giant fands. Sprinting through an Oklahoma field through pounding rain. And having ice blasted blasted at them while trying to drive a storm chasing vehicle.

Check out the full video below!

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