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Houston-Area Resident Shares 'Scary' Details of Hurricane Harvey
I was taking a look around Facebook when I noticed my cousin, Richard Harvey, Jr. (No relation to Hurricane Harvey) when I saw how bad the water was, even north in The Woodlands. I had a chance to speak with Debra Harvey, (no relation to the Hurricane). She lives in The Woodlands in far north Harris…
There's No Clowning Around In Texas Town
Whether you believe the reports of clown sightings across the nation, blame them on mass hysteria or chalk them up to a promotional frenzy for upcoming Halloween movies or haunted housed, or even the upcoming release of the remake of Stephen King's "IT", you have to admit, we …
Tyson Announces Chicken Recall
Citing numerous complaints from consumers of finding foreign materials in chicken, Tyson Foods recalled more than 132,000 pounds of fully cooked chicken products for a possible contamination of hard plastic, the USDA stated Tuesday.

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