Just last year egg prices were at a record high in Oklahoma. And it looks like the price of eggs could increase to those prices again. Another round of bid flu has struck the dairy and poultry industry, which means supply and demand will cause the prices of eggs to inflate.

According to CNN, the average price of eggs in February was $3, and that was $2 more than it was in the fall of 2023. Right now, prices for eggs are higher than they were a year ago, averaging around $3 to $4. And the prices are expected to only increase.

Cal-Maine Foods, one of the largest egg producers in the country, recently announced that it had to cull 1.6 million hens because of the bird flu outbreak and one of its plants in Texas. Cal-Maine Foods provides eggs for brands like Eggland's Best and Land O'Lakes.

@cbseveningnews Despite reported outbreaks of bird flu in #cows across six states and now in #chickens at a plant in #Texas, officials are urging Americans not to worry. Economists say grocery store prices should remain unaffected. #news #health #birdflu #virus #cow #chicken ♬ original sound - CBSEveningNews

According to CNN, last year when the bird flu caused increased prices in eggs, the record high price was $4.82.

What should consumers do for eggs?

If you're feeling leery about buying eggs from the store, you can always check out your local farmer's market for your eggs. Often, prices for eggs at a farmer's market can appear more expensive than those at the store. But you are getting fresher eggs from smaller facilities. And soon those egg prices at farmer's markets might be a steal compared to the prices at the store.

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