Just about every small town in Oklahoma had a Pizza Hut. After little league games, it was filled with kids and their parents chowing down on several slices of pepperoni pizza.

For weekly lunches, people from work and high school kids that could drive would dive into the buffet. Every birthday part was either at the Pizza Hut or had pizzas delivered. And, of course, millennials will never forget earning those Book It! points for free pizza.

Today, many of those small town locations have closed or been remodeled for a modern twist on nostalgia. Gone are the classic Pizza Hut days where you'd meet up after home football games.

But for those who yearn for the Pizza Hut glory days can rejoice as the classic Pizza Hut locations have been making a comeback.

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The return of Pizza Hut.

Over the past few years, the Pizza Huts of "the gold old days" have been resurfacing. According to an article from Texas Monthly, the Plano-based company began a new ad campaign in 2021 that focused on Pizza Hut nostalgia - "brick walls; Tiffany-style lamps with Pizza Hut logos; the logo itself in the chunky, serif font used from 1967 to 1999; a table that was also a Pac-Man arcade game."

The ad campaign also included rolling out its "Pizza Hut Classic" rebrand, which includes classic Pizza Hut locations. Soon locations started popping up across Texas and the rest of the United States. Most of the Pizza Hut Classic locations are old locations that have been "retro renovated." They've gone from modern to being restored to what they used to be like decades ago.

Are there any Pizza Hut Classic locations in Oklahoma?

If you're an Okie dreaming of returning to the old Pizza Hut days, you're in luck! Oklahoma has two Pizza Hut Classic locations. One is located in Bristow and the other in Perry.

Pizza Hut Classic, 800 N Main Street, Bristow, Oklahoma

Pizza Hut Classic, 1508 Fir Street, Perry, Oklahoma

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