All Oklahoma music aficionados look forward to one special day a year - Record Store Day. And if you're planning on hitting up a local record store on Saturday, April 20, you'll want to make plans to be at one of the Oklahoma shops that's participating in Record Store Day.

What's Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is one of the best days of the year for those who collect vinyl. Artists will release special or limited edition vinyl's, CDs, cassettes and various promotional items exclusively for Record Store Day. These items can only be purchased at local participating record stores, and they are only available the day-of Record Store Day and after - online sales typically take place the Monday after the official day.

This year, Record Store Day will take place Saturday, April 20. Participating independent record stores will have their own events during Record Store Day, like special concerts, giveaways, etc.

Do all record stores participate in Record Store Day?

If you're a newbie to record collecting, you should know that not all independent record stores participate in Record Store Day. According to the Record Store Day official website, this is what you need know:

There are a lot of independent stores that participate in Record Store Day. Not all of them will choose to participate in all promotions, or carry all releases. Just because a store is listed here does NOT mean it will have the goodie or record you're looking for. That said, find a store near you and check with them directly. It's always a good idea to be BFFs with your neighborhood record store.

PRO TIP: If there's an exclusive Record Store Day release that you're REALLY wanting, you'll want to get to your participating record store EARLY for the best chance of snagging your copy. More often than not, each record store will have a small number of certain releases.

Also, you might want to check with your participating record store in advance to see if they got in what you're looking for. They can tell you what they got in and how many, they just can't hold it for you or sell it to you before Record Store Day.

What Oklahoma shops are participating in Record Store Day?

According to the Record Store Day official website, the following Oklahoma record shops will be participating in Record Store Day this year.

For more details on Oklahoma's shops participating in Record Store Day, check out the official website.

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