A tornado that is being considered "the most powerful tornado ever" struck Oklahoma on Tuesday, April 30. It was near impossible for storm chasers to capture images of the tornado since it was completely rain-wrapped.

The tornado was deemed violent and deadly as it struck southwest Oklahoma in Tillman county. That night it was only visible by radar. And meteorologists across the state were urging residents along HWY5 and near the towns of Hollister, Loveland and Chattanooga to take cover.

Tornado was categorized as EF1.

Although the damage left by the tornado northeast of Hollister was categorized as an EF1, meteorologists across the country have observed the radar data of the storm and have determined that it was one of the most powerful tornadoes to ever touch down.

Images of dangerous tornado are now popping up.

Multiple storm chasers were in southwest Oklahoma on Tuesday, April 30. But throughout the night, no one could get a clear shot for meteorologists' live coverage. And pictures were hard to come by. Again, this tornado was so rain-wrapped, there was no way you could see it on the ground.

But one storm chaser, @MaxArcherWX, recently posted photos of the tornado on Twitter. It's hard to make out but you can definitely tell that violent tornado is there within the rain.

They were even able to get a photo of the whole supercell that had formed the powerful tornado and a second tornado that was anticyclonic, which formed northwest of Grandfield.

They also managed to get more photos of the powerful wedge tornado when it was near Loveland.

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