One Oklahoma singer is done with Okie boys. Elizabeth Nichols recently went viral on TikTok for her song "Okie Boys" where she sings about all the Oklahoma boys that aren't worth her time or done her wrong.

Nichols goes by the username @elizabethgracen on TikTok and one of her recent videos that shows her singing a portion of her latest song "Okie Boys" has nearly a million views on TikTok. It's one of her highest viewed TikTok videos that typically feature her singing the songs she has written, which are mostly about living in Oklahoma.

@elizabethgracen Replying to @Ashley Done with Okie men!! #fyp #country #tulsa #singersongwriter #original #oklahoma #918 ♬ original sound - Elizabeth Nichols

The 50-second snippet of her song that has garnered nearly a million listeners on TikTok features the following lines:

Met a liar down in Pryor

He's got two girlfriends

One in Pawnee and one in Shawnee

One's blonde and one's brunette

Loved a boy in Catoosa

Took me on a date to Osage

They'll act like they never knew ya

Unless you end up on some stage

Since the video went viral, she posted other videos of her playing the song, including the second verse.

@elizabethgracen Replying to @allie Okie Ladies, this is for you Posting the full “Okie Boys” song on Youtube tomorrow!! #fyp #country #tulsa #singersongwriter #original #oklahoma #918 ♬ original sound - Elizabeth Nichols

And it looks like she has posted the full song on YouTube!

@elizabethgracen Replying to @char FULL SONG on YouTube now!! “Okie Boys” link in my bio. #fyp #country #tulsa #singersongwriter #original #oklahoma ♬ original sound - Elizabeth Nichols

Go ahead and enjoy it because she just might end up on some stage! According to her YouTube video, "Okie Boys" will officially be release as soon as possible.

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