Oklahoma has been all over the news and social media over the last few weeks because of multiple tornadoes. People across the Sooner State have been documenting the storm damage, especially if their own home was destroyed or their hometown was flattened.

But when Oklahoma was poised to have another extreme severe weather day on Monday, May 6, many Oklahomans, specifically on TikTok were giving "tours" of their storm shelters.

What do typical storm shelters look like in Oklahoma?

Storm shelters in Oklahoma come in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Some newer home builds are installing storm shelters inside the house, like a closet, or underground in the garage.

@stephkaynorman Hello Tiktok welcome to my storm shelter #spring #springtime #tornadoseason #tornadoshelter #tornado #stormshelter #oklahoma #oklahomaweather #preperation #severeweather #tornadowarning ♬ original sound - Stephanie Norman

But a typical storm shelter in Oklahoma is like a damp concrete box underground that you have to run out the backdoor to as it's pouring down rain and the wind is WHIPPING. And, if it hasn't been cleaned out, it's usually riddled with dead leaves, bugs, spiders and some random storage items.

@jordanokc Welcome to my crib #stormshelter #oklahoma #severeweather #tornado ♬ original sound - Jordan Ryan

But the Oklahoma storm shelters on TikTok look glammed out.

The storm shelter tours that have been popping up on TikTok are showing the, somewhat, glamorous side of storm shelters. Some of the storm shelters being toured on TikTok have fairy lights, comfortable seating, carpet and decor - that's way different than concrete, spiderwebs and metal folding chairs most Oklahomans are used to.

At least some of these tours point out the necessary items for tornado prep, like backup lights, extra shoes, water, batteries, etc. But a lot of the extra stuff might be added to keep kids calm and help the storm shelter not to be a scary place.

@theashleighgibson_ Replying to @ceeceeisamazing So many of you asked, so here’s the VIP tour of our giant, metal ground-box. I know. Our storm shelter is a little extra! #oklahoma #stormshelter #tornadoalley #severeweather ♬ original sound - Ashleigh G.

Take a look at some of the Oklahoma storm shelter tours from TikTok.

Sheltering with Yoda


@highpriestessofpickles Tornado Shelter Tour #fyp #foryoupage #tornado #tornadoalley #midwest #tornadoshelter #tour #oklahoma ♬ Chill Vibes - Febri Handika

Patio Chic Storm Shelter


@laceloftloday Get those shelters ready. Nado day in OK tomorrow #tornadowarning #tornadoshelter #shelter #nado #oklahoma ♬ Time of the Season - The Zombies

Tornado Disco


@tiffanyinoklahoma Replying to @adventuresinoklahoma come with me to see my tornado shelter decorated in Oklahoma. #tornado #oklahoma #okie #oklahomaweather #tornadoshelter #stormshelter #severeweather #comewithme #oklahomatiktok #oklahomagirl #southernmom #southerner ♬ Oklahoma - Hugh Jackman & Josefina Gabrielle & Maureen Lipman & David Shelmerdine & Craig Purnell & Oklahoma! 1998 National Theatre Cast Recording Ensemble

MTV Cribs Storm Shelter


@unovaqueroloco When your daughter suffers from severe storm anxiety you make the storm cellar as comfy as possible for her #dadoftheyear #tornadowarning #tornadoseason #tornadoalley #mooreoklahoma ♬ Come Check This (Quickie Edit) - FETISH

Do you decorate your storm shelter?

If you decorate your storm shelter, send us a pic in our app and tell us why! If not, we'd still like to see a picture of your creepy storm shelter.

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