We're five months into 2024 and its already been an active year for tornadoes. So far Oklahoma has already seen over 50 tornadoes and tornado season isn't close to being over.

The total for tornadoes in 2024, as of May 3, is 51. A majority of the tornadoes this year struck the Sooner State in April for a total of 49 that touched down in Oklahoma. The other two struck on March 14.

For Oklahoma, tornado season starts off in the spring, continues into summer and through the fall. But tornadoes can occur anytime of year - they're just more frequent in the warmer months.

Most Notable Tornadoes of 2024 Thus Far

Oklahoma has seen some destructive and monstrous tornadoes in 2024. Most of the tornadoes caused some damage to towns and rural areas, but there are a few that have stuck out already.

Sulphur, Holdenville and Marietta - Saturday, April 28

Over 22 tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma on Saturday, April 28. Some areas were hit by different tornadoes multiple times. Over 100 people were injured from these storms and there have been four confirmed deaths. Damage is still being assessed from these storms.

Tragedy struck Sulphur, Oklahoma, multiple times during the tornado outbreak. The town was hit with at least three tornadoes - one was rated an EF3. The downtown area was flattened and several residents lost their homes.

Holdenville and Marietta were also hit by EF3 tornadoes causing significant damage to the landscape, vehicles, homes and businesses.

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Tillman County - Tuesday, April 30

Residents in western and southwest Oklahoma were caught by surprise with five tornadoes and over a dozen tornado warned storms. Two tornadoes that touched down in southwest Tillman County are still baffling meteorologists across the country.

One tornado, that occurred northeast of Hollister, Oklahoma, is being called "the most powerful tornado ever." And this is not because of the damage caused. After assessing the damage, the National Weather Service indicated it as an EF1.

But what was happening above the ground in the atmosphere is what is stirring meteorologists. The twisting of the tornado was visible over 18,000 feet in the air. For reference, EF4 tornadoes are usually visible at 10,000 to 12,000 feet. The tornado also produced a hole in the radar that looked like the eye of a hurricane.

Luckily the tornado swept through a rural area which left little damage. But meteorologist are saying if it had hit a town, it would cease to exist.

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Out of the same supercell, a rare anticyclonic tornado touched down southeast of Loveland, Oklahoma. Tornadoes in the region typically move counter clockwise. And anticyclonic tornadoes run clockwise, and only one percent of tornadoes become anticyclonic.

But what made this rare tornado stand out besides its rarity is the strength of the anticyclonic tornado, which are typically weak. Luckily, the anticyclonic tornado dissipated before it could hit Grandfield, Oklahoma.

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Tornado season continues in Oklahoma.

Even though Oklahomans have had enough of tornadoes, tornado season won't be over anytime soon. More severe weather is in the imminent forecast and it's possible that Oklahoma could see more tornadoes in the near future.

Oklahoma's Top 10 Deadliest Tornadoes

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Odd and Unbelievable Tornado Facts

As far as we've come in the technology surrounding severe weather and tornadoes, there's still a massive amount science still doesn't understand. Yes, there is a generally agreed idea of how they begin, the conditions needed, and the usual atmospheric conditions, but twisters are still wildly unpredictable. Even more fascinating are the strange and almost terrifying facts about these powerful displays of nature.

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