Barnsdall, Oklahoma, was hit with a second tornado just five weeks after the first one struck on April 1. Oklahoma saw eight tornadoes touch down on Monday, May 6, and the one that struck Barnsdall was a mile-wide and deadly.

May 6 was a particularly dangerous situation for Oklahoma.

On May 6, a majority of Oklahoma was under a particularly dangerous situation tornado watch, and areas of northern Oklahoma were expected to receive the brunt of the storms. As severe weather began developing in western Oklahoma that afternoon, the storms would explode as they got further north-northeast.

Areas of northern and northeast Oklahoma were significantly impacted by severe storms and tornadoes. Multiple areas received heavy amounts of rain, damaging winds and big hail. Barnsdall and Bartlesville are two Oklahoma towns that took direct hits from a tornado.

Barnsdall experienced its second tornado in five weeks.

The tornado that struck Barnsdall on April 1 had a maximum speed of 90 to 100 miles per hour that damaged homes, uprooted trees and blew down power lines. Based on the damage that's coming out as the sun rises, Monday's tornado appeared to cause more damage and has resulted in one death in Barnsdall.

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According to an article from the Associated Press, at least 30 to 40 homes were damaged, a nursing home was struck and evacuated, plus several road closures due to debris. As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 7, one person has died in Barnsdall from the tornado and another is missing.

"It is a small town and it just pretty much went right through the center of it," said Osage County Undersheriff Gary Upton to the Associated Press.  

Bartlesville also took a direct hit from the same tornado.

As the tornado ripped through Barnsdall, it continued on its path northeast towards Bartlesville, which is a much larger town. During coverage, reports came in that a hotel was struck by the storm.

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What is the category of the tornado that struck Barnsdall and Bartelsville?

The National Weather Service is currently conducting storm survey damage across Oklahoma, including the areas struck by a tornado in Osage County. According to the National Weather Service in Tulsa, as of noon Tuesday, May 7, "EF3 damage has been found southwest of Barnsdall."

More information will be available once surveys are complete.

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