Tornadoes always hit Oklahoma at the most inconvenient times. No matter if it's during the middle of the day or dead of night - tornadoes can always take you by surprise. Local meteorologists do the best they can to prepare Oklahomans for incoming severe weather, but the moment a tornado strikes means you have minutes, sometimes just seconds, to take cover.

After a tornado hits Oklahoma, especially a town, there are always stories from locals about how they survived. Some people are lucky enough to have an underground cellar or safe room, but most Oklahomans rely on an enclosed room, like a closet, to protect them from tornadoes. And if people are out driving, they hope diving into a ditch will keep them from being swept up.

Below are some insane tornado survival stories that Oklahomans will never forget.

These stories stick with Oklahomans. Mostly because they're crazy to think about. And because they offer insight to what you could do if you were in a similar situation. Either way, it's always a miracle that those people are alive.

Boy Rides Out Tornado in Bathroom - Sulphur, Oklahoma

Oklahoma was recently struck with over a dozen tornadoes on Saturday, April 27. One of the towns that received the most destruction was Sulphur, Oklahoma. But seven years prior, Sulphur was struck with a tornado. The story of a young boy, who was home along, surviving a tornado by clinging to the toilet in his home's bathroom is one Oklahomans will never forget.

Teachers Cling to Students During Tornado - Moore, Oklahoma

Every Oklahoman alive today remembers the May 2013 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma. Especially the harrowing stories that came out after of the tornado striking several elementary schools. Teachers were sheltered with their kids in cellars, basements, closets and bathrooms. And most teachers flung their own bodies over their students to keep them safe. One teacher even held onto the leg of student to keep them from being swept up into the tornado as it blew through the school.

Woman's Dog Rises from Rubble - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The May 2013 tornado also hit parts of Oklahoma City. One viral interview from the aftermath was of one woman who had sought shelter in a small bathroom in her home. She said she was clinging her dog when the tornado hit. Her home was completely flattened. She survived but lost her dog in the rubble. During an interview with CBS News, her dog miraculously reappeared from underneath the rubble.

Storm Hunting Leads to Death and Survival - El Reno, Oklahoma

In 2013, a deadly tornado also hit El Reno, Oklahoma. Four storm chasers were killed during this storm. A photographer for a group of storm chasers survived the wedge tornado that day after their car was picked up and thrown to the other side of a field.

Oklahoma's Top 10 Deadliest Tornadoes

From the National Weather Service in Norman, these are the 10 most deadly tornadoes that happened in Oklahoma from 1882 to present.

Gallery Credit: Kaley Patterson

Things You'll Need in Your Oklahoma Tornado Prep Kit

Even though the odds of your life being affected by a tornado are extremely thin, there's no harm in being prepared with basic necessities. Even if the storm misses your home you could still find yourself without power or water for days to weeks. Here's a quick rundown on the basics every home should have for tornado season in Oklahoma.

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