Twas the Wednesday before Christmas when I looked at the mall.  The Stores they are all crowded and the shelves they are bare.  Does this description fit you?  Well I can truthfully say that I am in the upper 75% category of being done.  There are still a few things like stocking stuffer's and candy.  But now I have to wrap.

I really thought they would just magically wrap themselves.  Wrong again.  But it should not take too long.  Most of the people I bought for will not be around while that part of the festivities will be going on.  Note to Clay.  Pick up extra Eggnog before I go home.  I am going to need it.

Plans for Christmas Dinner.  That is a whole extra sub chapter.  The main course?  Unanimous for ham.  Sounds good to me.  Now what to fix as the sides.  There are not too many things that do not go with ham.  But then you have everyone wanting their favorite and then you wind up with too much of this and none of that.  Sounds like a buffet to me.

In the end on Christmas day,  I will sit back and relish the idea that it was a job well done.  The people that are most important to me in my life will have new things to use and enjoy and will have had a great meal.  I will then sit back in my Lazy Boy and deep sigh and think only 365 more days and I can do this again.

Merry Christmas from Clay Miller & Family.