OK, so you are running around with about 47 hours left before the big day! Christmas Day! What are you going to get for those last minute Christmas gifts? Who will be open? Well, a lot of local convenience stores are open on Christmas day so we went out on a quest to find some of the coolest gifts you can buy at our local convenience stores.

  • Pack Of Playing Cards!

    Oklahoma Playing cards are OK for Christmas.

    It's never a gamble, a sure fire way to amuse friends & family alike is the Ol' reliable playing cards. Just think of the hours of amusement these little beauties will bring to those around you.  A virtual cornucopia of different games all conveniently stored in one small portable package! 

  • A Coin Purse!

    It's a sock, it's a booty, it's a coin purse, it's a key chain, it's all you'll ever need...

    While available in a wide variety of colors & designs, nothing says "I'm too cheap to buy a real gift" quite like the blue polka dotted sockbootycoinpursekeychain thingy.

  • A Nice Warm Stocking Cap!

    O.U'll Just Love This Authentic & Official Head Wear.

    Is it a toque or a toboggan? Depending on which area of the country you're from that will determine how sports themed stylish head wear is properly described. We call it a hat.

  • Laser Pointer!

    Super powered laser pointer key chain.

    This laser pointer can create 42 different fashionable patterns by changing the head of the pointer. Just think of the hours of fun you'll have terrorizing the family pet or elderly person. IMPORTANT NOTICE: it's FDA approved. What the hell does the FDA have to do with lasers? We have no idea but it's clearly marked FDA APPROVED on the package! 

  • Tattoo bracelet!

    You too can have a "Rock Star" tattoo, then take it off. That's cheating.

    For those persons on your shopping list who are incapable of making a permanent decision regarding dermagraphics, but want a tattoo anyway this is for them.  Unlike the real thing once they get tired of it they can put it on the other wrist. The package says uni-sex but that remains to be seen.

  • Ed Hardy Bottle Koozie!

    Continuing with out tattoo theme they'll love the Ed Hardy koozie. It's the coolest.

    If you happen to know someone who's looking to accent their "Jersey Shore" wardrobe then this is perfect! They can accessorize with this Ed Hardy koozie guaranteed to keep things cool, even if they aren't.

  • Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll!

    An edible Christmas gift. Behold the pecan roll in all it's chewy goodness.

    They can't talk with their mouth full. Shut them up with 4 ounces of golden confectionery deliciousness! This little beauty came from Stuckey's in Texas somewhere. We traveled nationwide when compiling this list to ensure the highest quality of possible gifts. You're welcome!

  • Pez Candy & Dispenser (x's 2)

    Another tasty holiday treat for the "You're Kind Of Special, But Not Really" Person In Your Life.

    Pez candy has been around for well over 80 years. A hot collectable; a pop culture phenomenon; an alternative to smoking it is PEZ MANIA! Looky here we have two tenths  of the Avengers! Captain American & Iron Man. Sure to be collectibles.

  • Retro Phone Cell Phone Handset Attachment!

    For the old school among us, or those annoying hipsters.

    Retro hand set for mobile phone is the chic to use use your mobile phone at home, in the office, or on the street. Just not while driving cause that really pisses people off. This particular model is red, kinda like commissioner Gordan's or the President's. Important call or not, it'll sure look like it is.    

  • Fake Mustache!

    Know a person who could use some facial enhancement?

    For the less than manly person in your life who could use some covering up, maybe lets say a cold sore or mole. This is perfect, not Tom Selleck or Sam Shepard perfect but it'll do. It's time to go undercover! This package contains 6 assorted mustaches each with it's own personality.

  • Fling Toss!

    Hey who needs an Xbox 360

    Fling Toss is a game of skill & smarts that pits 2 foes against each other. The specially designed Jai Alai racquets make tossing catching easy for the entire family. Of course if the person you've purchased this for doesn't have any friends other than you, maybe this could encourage some social interaction.