So, how much are you planning to spend on your holiday gifts?

A new survey has found Americans will cough up an average of $646 on gifts this year, a jump from the $582 they anticipated spending in 2012. Of course, 46% of people expect to spend more than their allotted budget, so who really knows how many greenbacks they’ll take out of their bank accounts?

Black Friday Mania

When it comes to the traditional shopping day known as Black Friday, 55% say they plan to hit the stores. About 30%, however, will avoid the mob of crowds by going online.

Even though there’s a growing trend of stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving, it seems like a lot of people still aren’t onboard with it – 41% have no plans to shop on this day, saying it’s more important to be with family, instead, while 38% say there’s a good chance they will shop on Turkey Day.

Git ‘Er Done

We’re definitely not a nation of procrastinators – 73% say they’ve already started doing their holiday shopping or plan to get it all wrapped up by the end of November.

Just Browsing

Comparison shopping continues to be a trend, with 63% of respondents admitting they will engage in the art of ‘showrooming’ – that’s when you check out an item in a store and then go online to buy it at a better price. Conversely, 65% will also try their hands at ‘webrooming’ – looking at merchandise online and then buying it at a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

What to Get

Finding the perfect gift is always a conundrum, but maybe you shouldn’t think too hard. The most popular gift people will give is a gift card, with 56% saying that’s the route they’ll go. Other presents shoppers will buy include apparel (54%), toys (44%) and personal electronics (27%).

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