What if I told you it was the greatest cover in the history of backyard BBQ concerts? Thank you, internet. We've shared videos from this BigJasonRR backyard Cody Jinks concert before, so how in the ever-loving-hell did we overlook this gem?

In 2008 Cody Jinks covered the Radney Foster penned "Kiss Me in the Dark," a song most famously sung by Randy Rogers Band on Big Jason's patio, and it was fantastic. Gotta love the comments on the video too: Emily Rodriguez wrote 6 years ago, "Yes! u should be FAMOUS. You have the wonderful tune to your voice. Fantastic job." Emily was right. She still is. Hope you enjoy like Emily and we did.

Meanwhile Jinks is about to drop two new albums on us next month. That's right we can now confirm that Jinks will be releasing TWO new albums in October.

In August Jinks revealed the official album artwork, track listing, and locked in the release date for his new album, After The Fire (October 11th). Now, it and the surprise second album The Wanting (October 18th) are both available for pre-order on Jinks' website. Get your pre-order on right here.

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