The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to hit the shops! If you’re looking for inspiration for gifts for all the important people in your life, ComicsAlliance has put together a series of guides centered on different themes and personalities!

Here at Comics Alliance, as you may have noticed in the past, a lot of us love professional wrestling --- almost as much as we love comics. Pro wrestling is having a real moment right now as it slowly and painfully becomes more inclusive of women and other folks who were previously disrespected, and begins in some circles to be regarded as the athletic performing art that it is, instead of just a carny distraction.

We've put together a selection of gifts for anyone you know who loves pro wrestling. There are some comics (because a lot of people who love one love the other), but also art, T-shirts, prose books, and more.

And along the way, you can support independent artists and creators who love pro wrestling just as much as you and I do.


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