This week it was Lauren Alaina who got the strong support of her fans as they took her to victory in our "Road Traveled A Little Less" edition of the country song showdown. Lauren's fans came out and cast a demanding 81% of the vote for her "Road Less Traveled" video, taking a big victory over Michael Ray and his latest video, "Think A Little Less". Michael and his fans will have to find solace in having the #1 song in the country during the showdown.

This week we feature two up-and-coming superstars, with a combined three singles between them. This week's showdown features the second video from Chris Lane, this one for his latest single "For Her", taking on newcomer Luke Combs and his debut video, "Hurricane". Head on over to our website and watch both of the videos and then vote for your favorite in this week's Country Song Showdown. Voting will remain open until noon next Monday, April 3rd.

  • Chris Lane - "For Her"

  • Luke Combs - "Hurricane"

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