Once again, the old "nurture versus nature" argument has come into play. Is it possible to change an animals natural tendencies, simply by changing the way it is raised. Goliath the calf is proof that it is possible.

A few months ago, Shaylee Hubbs discovered an abandoned calf that was barely a day old. He was a "drop calf" from a dairy farm; he was very thin and extremely sick. The calf was barely strong enough to drink from a bottle, forcing Hubbs to take him home, putting him in the care of the family's vet. The road back to health was not an easy one for Shaylee and the young calf, but eventually the cow got better as his appetite and energy levels increased.

Now meet Goliath, who is now a four-month-old calf, and who has grown up to behave like a dog after learning such behaviour from its canine friend, Leo the Great Dane. The pair are inseparable, and as the video shows, sometimes indiscernible.

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