I couldn’t imagine getting into a fight in the nosebleed seats in Cowboys Stadium. I mean, those things are seriously steep and scary high.

But it’s bound to happen, though. It seems like I run into a 49ers fan every time I go to a Cowboy game, regardless of who they’re playing. And quite often, said fan will be talking a little trash.

Not that we Cowboys fans don’t like to talk smack. It’s just that I try hard not to engage in trash talk. Life is too short to get all worked up over a game I have no control over. And it's certainly not worth going to blows over.

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However, not everyone sees it that way, as you’ll see in the below video. A couple of fans came to blows in the stands during yesterday’s Wild Card loss to San Francisco.

Not only did we have a good old-fashioned slobberknocker in the stands, a group of Cowboys fans jumped a 49ers fan outside of the stadium. Not cool.


Look – I’ll admit to being more than a little pissed off after yesterday’s game. In fact, I was downright furious at the players, coaches and referees. And the last thing I would’ve wanted to hear was a Cowboys hater talking trash.

But, let’s be cool y’all. Violence is never the answer.

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