It's hard to narrow the list to just my top 5 favorite songs playing right now on KLAW. Some have been on the station for awhile, others are brand new. The list isn't the top 5 all time favorites, that would be near impossible for me. These are new songs, or newer songs that we're playing today. It's still hard to pick favorites there's been some great songs released lately and more are on the way. Looking forward to all the Spring and Summer releases. It's time to bring on all the upbeat tempos, rockin' tunes and kickin' country!

While 2020 and even early 2021 have been horrible for live music, concerts and festivals, it's been great for new releases and we've seen some fantastic collaborations. Artist are getting more creative in how they release new music and even perform. It's been pretty awesome to watch live streams and acoustic performances online, a lot of them are FREE or cost very little. During the pandemic artist are writing, recording and releasing new tunes all the time. They're even working together and using video chat and other technology to collaborate and create some amazing duets, trios, quintets and group projects. I guess not being able to tour does have an up side. There's been a TON of new music and projects lately.

When picking my top 5 favorite songs I of course go with what I really like and sing a long to. More like annoy everyone in the building and everywhere else singing along to. These are all songs that I love and always make me smile, turn up the radio and put me in a better mood. Go ahead hit play and sing-a-long with me!

  • 5

    What's Your Country Song

    Thomas Rhett
  • 4

    Happy Anywhere

    Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani
  • 3

    More Than My Hometown

    Morgan Wallen
  • 2

    One Too Many

    Keith Urban/Pink
  • 1

    Starting Over

    Chris Stapleton

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