Cypress Spring are releasing a video for their down-home new single, "Take Me Back," and Demun Jones and Craig Campbell join the duo in this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

The duo of Kalan Miller and Tyler Ackerman co-wrote the new song with Ryan Miller, Jared Sciullo and Jones, and it's a wistful ode to the country way of life in which they were raised and a call for a return to simpler times and values.

"Take me back to them cotton fields and barbed-wire fences / All the things that I'm missin' / Dirt-ridin' and night time fishin' / Hit the river and take a dip / And I don't know why I wanted to leave / Something that means so much to me / I guess it's what it took for me to see / No matter where I roam, the only place I'll call home / Is in the country," the chorus states.

Campbell joins the country-rock and hip-hop duo to sing the hook, and he also appears in the video along with Jones, which director Ed Pryor from Hideout Pictures shot simply at an old farmhouse in the country in Middle Tennessee. The "Take Me Back" video perfectly frames the sentiment of the song, and it underscores Cypress Spring's core themes of hard work, family and simple good times.

The song and video were a real mutual admiration society among the artists who participated. Jones was a member of Rehab for 10 years, and Miller had always looked up to him as a country-rap pioneer, calling his participation in the song and video "icing on the cake. And man, I’ve been a Craig Campbell fan since his 2011 album. I used to have his song 'Fish' on repeat. To find out he was going to sing the hook was a dream come true."

Ackerman says he was "honored" to have Campbell and Jones both on the project, noting, "Both guys are cool and down to earth and made filming a breeze."

Jones calls the members of Cypress Spring "good friends," adding, "I’ve always admired Craig as a great country artist," while Campbell states, "We were all raised in the country, so it was a no-brainer for me" to take part.

"Take Me Back" will appear on Cypress Spring's upcoming third album, which is slated for release later in 2020 via Average Joes Entertainment. The duo are currently writing and recording for the project.

For more information about Cypress Spring, visit their official website, or keep up with news via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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