My friend Lee Weaver posted this on Facebook this morning:

There's a video going sorta-viral on facebook showing a succession of school kids slipping on a patch of ice and falling. It was shot by a parent of student at that same school while sitting in his car. You can hear him laughing each time a child falls hard on the ice. He even laughs in anticipation as each new victim approaches the slick spot. (He takes exceptional anticipatory pleasure at an approaching child who was overweight and carrying an armful of books.) Midway through the clip, he is joined by his daughter, who shares his sadistic take on what's happening. It goes on and on and it's just sickening. Who would watch children fall on ice, possibly injuring themselves seriously in the process? Beyond just a generic lack of compassion for others, his behavior, I think, speaks to the pervasive "My child is precious; your child is meaningless" mindset I see around me every day.

I had to go watch the video and I couldn't say it better than Lee, so I asked his permission to quote him. Listening to the man's sadistic laugh was painful. I watched for about 35 seconds and stopped.

What do you think? Is this a funny video or are you appalled that he would continue to let child after child slip and fall?


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