Over the weekend, Canaan Smith premiered the music video for his new song "Hole in a Bottle"

Here is what our Taste of Country staff had to say about the song:

“Hole in a Bottle” is a perfect blend of modern and traditional country influences. Smith leaned pop on “Love You Like That,” and he leans even further in that direction during other songs from his debut album. But this song and a number of others like it showcase his diverse list of influences and capabilities.

Why Fans Will Love It: There’s always room for a good drinking song on the radio, and Smith has one with “Hole in a Bottle.”

Key Lyrics: “There’s a hole in a bottle / Tonight I’m climbing in it / Taking all my worries / Gonna bury ’em down.”

Did You Know?: Smith found out his previous single “Love You Like That” hit No. 1 when Dierks Bentley pranked him on tour. The entire tour lineup dressed in white hazmat suits and crashed his stage.

Canaan Smith will be at C.W. Scooters on November 21st for our Taste of Country Christmas tour!

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