Dan + Shay keep rolling with another pop-friendly love song. "All to Myself" is their new radio single, and like "Speechless" and "Tequila," it's difficult to imagine the lyrics not being ripped from their personal lives.

Snaps and a thin guitar lick introduce Shay Mooney's vocals before a more robust and organic arrangement powers the song, starting at the chorus. There's an urgency to everything the country duo are releasing, but nothing's rushed.

A Caribbean guitar solo comes at the bridge before something close to (but not quite) steel drums bring "All to Myself" back to being another vocal showcase. That little trip to the tropics is what's new, and it's just enough. Some creative backing vocal layers also draw distinction from similar songs in country music and their own catalog. Dan + Shay are truly pushing all the right buttons right now.

Did You Know?: The same group of writers who wrote "Tequila" also wrote "All to Myself," plus Shay Mooney.

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Dan + Shay's "All to Myself" Lyrics:

I'm jealous of the blue jeans that you're wearing / And the way they're holding you so tight / I'm jealous of the moon that keeps on staring / So lock the door and turn out the night .

I want you all to myself / We don't need anyone else / Let our bodies do the talking / Let our shadows paint the wall / I want you here in my arms / We'll hide away in the dark / Slip your hand in my back pocket / Go and let your long hair fall / I want you all to myself, to myself.

I'm jealous of the song that you've been singing / And the way it's rolling off your lips / It might be selfish but I'm thinking / I don't need nothing between you / Leaning for another kiss, yeah.

Girl, I want you in the worst way / I want you in the worst way.

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